Top-rated school district in the Columbus area.

Exceptional Education Awaits Near Our Dublin Apartments

For families with school-age children, finding a home at Sycamore Ridge is a dream come true – boasting top-tier schools and the coziest, child-friendly communities.

When it comes to settling down, the school district is a pivotal factor for parents. Nestled within the Dublin City School District, Sycamore Ridge benefits from its designation as the third-ranking school district in Ohio. This is no small feat!

Appreciated by pupils, educators, and parents, the Dublin school district ticks all the boxes, from outstanding academic achievements to a broad spectrum of clubs and career prep, ensuring a well-rounded educational journey for your kids at our luxury living spaces in Dublin, Ohio.

Spotlight on Dublin City Schools

For its educational excellence, the Dublin City School District has earned widespread acclaim. Positioned third out of 608 in Ohio, its status among the state’s public educational institutions is unparalleled. Moreover, it holds the fourth place for both the “best teaching environments in Ohio” and “safest school districts in Ohio”. Enrolling your children in Dublin City Schools means they’ll benefit from exceptional teachers and a safe, encouraging learning space.

Among the 19 diverse schools in the district, each one boasts an A or A+ ranking from, reflecting their high standards. (For a deeper understanding of how these rankings are determined, visit Niche’s website.)

With a staggering 98 percent graduation rate and impressive student proficiencies in math (81 percent) and reading (77 percent), Dublin Schools maintain a favorable student-to-teacher ratio of 20 to 1, promoting personalized attention.

Exploring Beyond the Classroom

The array of extracurricular activities at Dublin High Schools is remarkable, offering diverse programs that foster holistic child development. From Art Club to specialized language clubs, Environmental, Business Professionals of America, Future Teachers, community service groups, and unique clubs like Magic and Medical Club, there’s an enriching activity for every student’s interests, extending well beyond the scope of typical school offerings.

Voices from the Student Body

What truly matters is how the students themselves feel about their educational environment. At Dublin City Schools, satisfaction is high. Testimonials from students underscore the caring, supportive faculty and the array of elective courses that allow for a personalized educational path, along with high academic standards that pave the way for college success.

Students celebrate the district for its safety, diversity, and the academic opportunities it presents, helping them focus on their education and future goals, even as recent immigrants to the country.

Each student at Dublin City Schools is valued and supported towards achieving success, in a welcoming community that champions every child’s growth.

Student Well-being at the Forefront

Dublin City Schools takes a holistic approach, ensuring students’ mental and physical well-being alongside their academic success. With dedicated mental health services across all school facilities, students have access to comprehensive support.

By also focusing on the community’s physical health, including programs for staff, the school district fosters a positive environment that benefits everyone – because when teachers thrive, students do, too.

At Sycamore Ridge, we provide a serene and secure environment that’s perfect for raising kids of all ages, offering access to some of the best educational institutions locally and nationwide. With picturesque layouts, pet-friendly policies, and verdant lawns, Sycamore Ridge is the ideal home for families.

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